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What is BITPA? (Bangladesh IT professionals Association)

Bangladesh IT professionals Association is established to ensure the social image of the individual professional. Firstly it is established at Khulna targeting to the whole country to be unified and accommodate into this society.
This is the social community for the high professional IT specialist. All the year round they are working on the table and by the time being we want to get together and share our feelings. For this case we arranged massive gathering at divisional Museum of Khulna as the title of BITPA Conference 2017. This is not only has social meeting but also a inspirational work for the newcomers who are intending to building there it career as a freelancer or as a job holder. The entrepreneurs will be happy by introducing themselves to the newcomers and by this way we hope that new job opportunities will be open. The digitization and the digital government of Bangladesh would be helped by this way. We are very happy to organize this kind of hope all of you are ready to enjoy the event and speed up


1. Our objective is to be introduced together with the it professional and the it entertainer.
2. Helping the society by providing new jobs to the newly educated people.
3. The unemployment problem would be solved although partially.
4. Helping government of Bangladesh who are intending to develop the country as a rich and developed one.
5. Globalization awarded people should be more facilitate here.
6. This is the social activities of the IT professionals who have actually no social values by this time. Unlike the professional of the established professions such as doctors, engineers, builders and etc.
7. The IT professional should have also financial values.
8. Financial Institutions Like bank should also recognize them as a true professional.
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