Conference 2022

Venue: District Shilpokola Academy, Khulna

Date: 19 November, 2022


The primary goal of BITPA is to encourage IT professionals and guide them in the proper direction. Our audience includes IT professionals of all skill levels, including IT entrepreneurs, web designers and developers, graphic designers, article writers, digital marketers, and all other freelancer professionals working on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. The mission of BITPA is to create opportunities, identify problems, and expand networks among all IT professional communities.


1. Venue : There is enough room in the auditorium for 700 people to sit down. It is equipped with the newest technology, including an expansive LED Screen, a good sound system, adequate lighting, and air conditioning. The area around the venue has a natural view, enough air circulation, and enough of open space, all of which will make it easier to socialize with others.

2. Audience : IT professionals, IT entrepreneurs, IT freelancers, and students interested in learning about or pursuing a career in IT.

3. Social & Multi-Purpose Spaces: There is an open area outside the auditorium that can be used for catering, networking, and social gatherings. In the open area, we intend to host a variety of interactive events. Sponsors may take advantage of the option to set up promotional stalls depending on the type of sponsorship.

4. Media Exposure: BITPA will be presented through a variety of media platforms, including TV, radio, print media, and the Internet. The event website, as well as other blogs, social media platforms, and Online news websites, will post and update information on the event Online. This will make the event and business brand known to audiences in the region and across the country.

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